Established end-to-end Asia-Pacific capability

Transtar has a network of 17 offices strategically located in 15 of the top 20 container ports of the world.

Australia / New Zealand

Transtar commenced operations in Melbourne in 1986. Transtar opened new branches in Sydney (1991), Melbourne (Tullamarine, 1998) for customs and airfreight, Brisbane (1999) and Auckland (2006).

Transtar has also built a significant warehouse footprint with circa 25,000 sqm of Custom's Bonded warehouses in Australia and New Zealand. The warehouses operate in a narrow aisle/high capacity configuration with emphasis on maximum storage and highest yield. Aside from 3PL activity, there is significant cross dock activity, in addition to handling groupage containers from Transtar’s stations in Asia.

In China, Transtar does not operate warehouses in its own right, instead using third parties (this is consistent with other participants in the market). This approach does not impede Transtar’s ability to undertake successful buyers consolidation and upstream logistics activities on behalf of its customers.


In an increasingly competitive environment, Transtar recognised the need to differentiate itself from the traditional freight forwarding providers. Accordingly, in 2008 Transtar embarked on a strategy to expand its operations into Asia with the view to:

In recent times, Transtar has relocated a number of back office roles and some customer service roles to its offices in China (primarily Shanghai and Wuhan), a strategy which has resulted in significant labour cost reductions and productivity benefits. To properly commercialise its operations in China, Transtar set up a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), initially in Shanghai. Additional subsidiary licenses have been sought and granted in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and recently Qingdao. Wuhan will be licensed sometime in 2018 which will enable us to provide full service logistics capability in Western China. Implementing the appropriate corporate structure and obtaining accreditation was both time consuming and costly, however Transtar now benefits from a significant competitive advantage versus its Australian and NZ competitors.


In addition to its offices throughout Asia, Australia and NZ, Transtar has set up an affiliation with a third party agent based in Rotterdam. Transtar has agreed to allow the third-party agent to trade under the Transtar brandname.