Illegal Logging Resources

Transtar is providing some resources in order to help our customers comply with the requirements of the Act and Regulations.

  • Illegal Logging Annex-2 Sample Legal Timber Purchasing Policy Statement_TIF.doc 364 kB
  • Illegal Logging Annex-5 Supplier Letter Template_TIF.doc 365 kB
  • Illegal Logging Annex-7 Importer Due Diligence - Overview_TIF.doc 400.5 kB
  • Illegal Logging Due Diligence - What timber products are regulated.pdf 403.96 kB
  • Illegal Logging Due Diligence System Guide.pdf 1.89 MB
  • Illegal Logging Importer Declaration_TIF.doc 398 kB
  • Illegal Logging Importer Flowchart.pdf 180.58 kB
  • Illegal Logging Supplier Questionnaire_TIF.doc 433.5 kB
  • Supplier and Product Management for Timber Due Dilligence.xlsx 484.96 kB
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