Pierre Korsius, Director, Europe

Pierre Korsius, Transtar Director, Europe

Pierre is Director and shareholder of Transtar Europe. Pierre has been shareholder since 2005 when Transtar Europe was founded and has had an active role within the business since early 2007. Building on his past experience, Transtar Europe is growing steadily and expanding new business and opportunities with a main focus on 'greener' shipping.

From the age of 15, Pierre has been working in the field of freight forwarding and Shipping. During the past 25 years, Pierre has held many roles including IT Manager Benelux + Northern/Southern Europe offices, Network Manager, Account Manager, Benelux Management Team, European Allocation Control Manager. Experience gained from this diversity of roles has brought Pierre to where he is today.

In the past eight years, a strong and mutually beneficial relationship has been built within the Transtar Group. Shared experience from the Group Directors enables Transtar Europe to provide our customers a first class worldwide coverage and service.

Transtar Europe is supporter of the greener way in shipping 'The Greener Option', finding environmentally sustainable and cost effective solutions by using rail, barge and short sea shipping for our customers.